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Why your PR agency could be inviting a Google penalty

This post is by Mike Morgan, Founder and Director of High Profile Enterprises and Content Director for TrinityP3. Mike has been collaborating with TrinityP3 on a Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media strategy since early 2011.  The convergence of SEO and Public Relations … Continue reading

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The power of aligning public relations and advertising in your marketing strategy

These days, many consumers form their impressions of organisations, brands and products through what they read, hear and see in the editorial and news sections of the media as much as they do through paid advertising in the same media. … Continue reading

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Open tenders are not the best way to select agencies

I was recently in a meeting with a marketer and their procurement team discussing a forthcoming agency review. When we got to discussing the process, I was asked by the head of marketing what process would be best. Before I … Continue reading

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Procurement panels do not always deliver on their promise

Recently I have noticed that the traditional procurement “panel” approach to supplier management has been increasingly failing to deliver. One of the key reasons for this is the increasing diversity in agency services, specialities and core capabilities driven by technology. … Continue reading

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If chemistry is so important, why do so many agencies get it so horribly wrong?

Psychological studies show that people have assessed and evaluated people they meet within minutes. Be that socially or in a work environment. But there are things you can do to ensure a chemistry session with a potential new client goes … Continue reading

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How can an agency win the pitch when the client can’t even remember your name?

The fact is you can’t. There is a belief that most marketers will know 3 agencies – the one they are with, the one they last worked with and one other. While simplistic, it is largely true. If you are … Continue reading

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What is it that TrinityP3 do?

We assess and benchmark television, print and digital productions, BUT we are not cost consultants because we do not get paid for the savings we identify. We help marketers select creative, digital, media, direct marketing, pubic relations, experiential, promotions agencies … Continue reading

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