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“一个演说者向听众询问他的注意力, 只有一个借口: 他必须为他们提供真理或娱乐”。 -戴尔·卡耐基, 《如何赢得朋友和影响人》一书的作者。



如果您正在为您的营销会议、活动或功能寻找一位充满激情、活力、经验丰富和有影响力的演讲者, 请在 TrinityP3 寻找营销管理专家。
我们的工作经常把我们带入充满挑战的空间。 我们不怕用思想和观点说话;只需访问本网站上的博客页面, 即可查看我们在广泛的营销相关主题上的内容。 作为 TrinityP3 的创始人和全球首席执行官, 达伦与他的同事们一起推动了这一方法。

经验丰富, 信誉良好

达伦和 TrinityP3 在行业评论中走在前列, 定期撰写文章, 出现在电台、贸易和国家新闻领域和文章中或为其做出贡献, 并在世界各地的活动中发言。
TrinityP3 的讲者总是充满娱乐性、大胆, 并热衷于说出他们所看到的有时不舒服的真相, 能够激发您的活动, 引发讨论、辩论和新的思维方式。


从大型会议到亲密聚会, 所有国家的任何相关演讲, 都可以使用 TrinityP3 的演讲者, 并可为全体会议和研讨会提供便利。


或者在这里收听 “管理营销” 播客。
如果您有兴趣邀请一名演讲嘉宾, 请 点击这里 联系我们。


Darren Woolley,Global CEO and Founder TrinityP3 – Marketing Business Value and Performance

Nathan Hodges,Managing Director, TrinityP3 ANZ – Marketing Culture, Structure and Complexity

Christopher Sewell,Business Director, TrinityP3 – Environmental and Sustainable Marketing

Anton Buchner,Senior Consultant, TrinityP3 – Data Driven Digital Transformation


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    Strategies for marketing to lead the transformation to CX.
  • “If half your advertising budget is wasted, want to know which half?”
    Strategies for turning advertising costs into advertising value.
  • “Complexity theory for the marketer”
    Why simple things are never quite as simple as they seem, and how marketers can lead a business through complication, complexity and chaos.
  • “Too many agencies, too many insights, not enough time or money”
    How to stop making life hell for yourself, your brands, your agencies and your business.
  • “How the CMO Can Block the Drain and Build a Reservoir of Extra Profit.”
    Strategies for marketing to use alignment to business objectives get a better ROI on everything.
  • “Why and How I’d Like To Make CMO’s Lives Longer.”
    Life as a CMO needn’t be short-lived. A look at a lasting career.
  • “Previous engagements: Transactional Level Carbon measurement in Printing”
    Litho Institute of Australia (LIA), Sydney F
  • “The Benefits of Measuring Carbon Emissions in Direct Marketing”
    ADMA lunch Marriott Hotel Brisbane
  • “Navigating your media agency relationship.”
    Creating positivity and productivity to drive optimal ROI.
  • “Achieving optimal outcomes in the media agency acquisition process.”
    The benefits, the pitfalls and how to run a great pitch.
  • “Breaking down business silos to achieve consumer centricity”
    How leading organisations are achieving KPI alignment and improved marketing performance through greater collaboration and relevance
  • “Which data variables count when measuring return on marketing investment?”
    Set a strategic framework for measuring the impact of your total marketing activity