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How to transform your agency relationships

Improve Agency relationships

This post is by Stephan Argent, CEO of Argedia Group and a member of the Marketing FIRST Forum, the global consulting collective co-founded by TrinityP3

As a general rule, nobody ever looks forward to the uncertainty and disruption of an agency search process. The earlier we’re brought in to help identify and resolve client – agency issues, the more likelihood there is of helping marketers avoid triggering a search and getting their agency relationships back on the proverbial rails.

So this week, I thought it would be worthwhile looking at some ideas to help transform your agency relationships. And I don’t mean just make them ‘bearable’ – I’m talking about making a transformative shift in the overall relationship and yes, better business results.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Well, not only does it sound good, but a positively transformed agency relationship doesn’t require a huge amount of effort to be readily achieved. Here are seven ideas to help transform some of your agency relationships:

1. Define goals

Does everyone on your team and at your agencies clearly understand your business goals and objectives? If you’re not sure, the answer is (emphatically) ‘no’. The first step in any transformation process is to ensure your team and your agencies are completely clear on the objectives they should be striving for.

2. Encourage directness

Before you baulk at this one, ask yourself how direct you are with your agencies (really) – and how direct and honest are your agencies with you in return? If you or your agencies are sugar coating feedback or perhaps not providing feedback at all, it’s difficult for you, your team or your agency to adjust or make improvements. Direct communication helps eliminate misunderstanding and saves time.

3. Identify and eliminate roadblocks

This one may be less difficult than it sounds because – with direct communication – you should be able to discuss issues before they become roadblocks. And if you’re not sure if you already have roadblocks that are impeding business progress – start asking!

4. Make yourself available

How easy are you to get hold of and how much time do you make available to meet with your agencies? We’ve seen marketers limit face-to-face time with their agencies to key presentations, or scheduling brief face time just once every two weeks. If that sounds like you, an agency relationship can’t flourish – much less transform.

5. Get everyone talking about money

Everyone on your internal and agency teams should have an understanding of financial objectives pertaining to their area of specialty. Whether it’s overall sales objectives, profit targets, or a more granular understanding of the production budgets their working on – everyone should be financially aware of their role in managing financial expectations.

6. Define a process for new ideas

This is particularly important for marketers with multiple agencies on their rosters to enable all agencies to surface ideas so they get heard. Even if you have just one agency on your roster, make sure there’s a regular forum for ideas that are out of scope to maximize unrealized possibilities. (Sounds corny perhaps – but it’s true).

7. Talk about business

How often do you sit down with your agencies to talk about your business – not just projects – your business as a whole. Talking about your business, competitors, industry related issues and opportunities, can in itself go a long way to being transformative because it helps teams look outwards at the big picture – not just inwards at projects, status and budgets.

When it comes to agency relationships, transformation doesn’t have to be difficult – or impossible – providing you set-up a put in a little effort to allow that transformation to unfold.

So what’s easier? Transformation? Or leave things as they are and look for another agency?

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    Stephan Argent is the founder of Listenmore Inc. – the leading Agency Search and Management consultancy in Canada. Stephan is an international leader in Media, Marketing and Advertising, with deep experience in Media gained from agency and client environments in the United Kingdom and North America. He brings multi-dimensional and award-winning strategic, business and creative skills to the world of Marketing and, in particular, the rapidly evolving world of Digital Media.

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