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Media Agency Contract Reviews

(How to review your media agency contract to ensure transparency and performance) When did you last review your media agency contract? Having difficulty getting the agency to sign a new…

Agency Selection: The Pitch Consultant’s Definitive Guide

Contents Introduction Agency Selection: Going Beyond the Process Chapter 1 The Definition of Successful Agency Selection Chapter 2 Agency Selection Beginnings: Choosing the Candidates Chapter 3 Agency Assessment, from Start…

Media Performance

…review your media agency contract? Having difficulty getting the agency to sign a new media contract? Or difficulty finding a contract that delivers the media transparency and value you need…

Media Minutes

…Minutes. Read more & watch video >   Annoying you Media Agency Five things that will really annoy your media agency. Great clients always get the best media agency people…


…more authentic – 2 July 2020, First 5000 How to Improve Ineffective Multi-Agency Planning Sessions – 24 June 2020, KPI AGENCY Media agency contracts may not be worth the paper…

Managing Marketing Podcasts

…and media agency marketing.   Nisha Rajamani is a long-standing media agency professional and more recently has served on the Media Federation of Australia’s DE&I Advisory Council. She and David…

Managing Marketing: The expanding role of the media agency in marketing

…us. Media is culture. Media is what’s happening with Netflix. Media is what’s happening in the digital space. Media is what’s happening with VR and Facebook’s new social platform initiative….

Managing Marketing – Defining media value in a media market obsessed with cost

…global media consultancy ID Comms and talk with Darren on the state of the media and the media agencies across Europe and the globe. Specifically they discuss their focus on…