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edition 71 april 16, 2007
the value of adserving?

     With the rapid rise in media investment on-line, many advertisers and their media agencies are using Third Party Advertising Systems, but are they reaping the benefits of these systems and the return on investment to justify the cost? In this edition of P3 e-news Russell Easther discusses the issues online advertisers need to consider. In this P3 e-news: – is adserving adding value? – P3TV workshops just weeks away! – benchmarking your online media – looking for more information?  
is adserving adding value to your online media activity? Many interactive media departments and full service digital agencies will recommend clients utilise a Third Party Advertising System (3PAS) to execute an online media campaign. Usually agencies open the discussion mentioning companies and tools such as Doubleclick, Facilitate, Motif, Eyeblaster and, alongside comments on verification, monitoring, ad delivery, advanced tracking, suddenly clients are signing off on up to $80,000 for one campaign. Has this ever happened to you? what do 3PAS provide? In broad terms, 3PAS allows clients to track their campaigns in close detail. For example, 3PAS can be used to track all online advertising display impressions and clicks. As a result, agencies can easily verify and evaluate campaign performance, adjust the booking (often called optimisation) and increase the overall results of the campaign. Without it, clients and agencies do not have an independent 3rd party to verify media delivery. Would you run a TV campaign without spot monitoring? should all advertisers use a 3PAS? Often, 3PAS is critical. A campaign purchase on a cost-per-action model simply cannot function without it. Rich media formats such as OTP’s and streaming video cannot be delivered without the technology. However, in smaller branding orientated campaigns or with organisations that do not fully utilise online marketing efforts, 3PAS may not be worth the investment. 3PAS usually covers a technology and head hours charge to an agency. If you are paying for 3PAS and do not have the capacity or want to implement advanced campaign learning, should you be using 3PAS? If you are happy to run online media campaigns with no verification of delivery, the additional cost may not be entirely necessary. are you reaping the benefits of 3PAS? How much should you pay for 3PAS? Does your agency fully utilise the learning’s available from the software? Does your agency report on reach? Message frequency? Best performing placements matching campaign objectives? Post Click and Post Impression results? What areas are your online campaign visitors interested in across your microsite? Does the additional cost of adserving and resulting optimisation of the campaign actually return an investment? Are you getting the full picture on your online advertising campaign beyond clicks and impression delivery? To answer these questions, P3Media can evaluate your campaign objectives, your agency’s optimisation efforts versus the cost of 3PAS and analyse the post campaign analysis report. To find out more on assessing and benchmarking your third party adserving contact P3Media today in Sydney on 02 9279 4997 or Melbourne on 03 9682 6800 or by email to people@p3.com.au  
P3TV workshops just weeks away – book now  

  2007 P3TV Production Workshops for Advertisers are to be held: Sydney – Mon 7th May, 9am-1pm Sydney – Thurs 10th May, 9am-1pm Melbourne – Tues 15th May, 9am-1pm Held in conjunction with Channel Nine Studios, Melbourne and Sydney they provide you with a clear understanding of the process and issues of TV production. Booking forms have been posted, or email amanda@p3.com.au  
benchmark your online media  

To review and benchmark your online media processes and results talk to either Stephen Wright or Russell Easther at P3Media today. Contact P3Media by email at people@p3.com.au  
the death of ATL, BTL and TTL  
  Join in the next P3 webinar on Tuesday May 22 at 1.30 pm, where we will be discussing the timely passing of the distinctions “above the line”, “below the line” and “through the line” as classifications for communications strategies. For more infomation on this free webinar please email Ella Double at Premiere Global Services.  

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