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How to stop driving your graphic designer crazy

I love working with my clients. Helping them realise their design needs. Visually representing their brand or communication strategy. But sometimes it drives me crazy. I understand that graphic design has its own language that is often foreign to my clients. And I know they sometimes look at me like I am speaking a totally foreign language. Sure, we use words like Widow, Orphan, Hanging, Bullet, Bleed, and Ligature every day. But that does not mean we are murderous lunatics or sadistic predators. It is just the language of graphic design and production. Continue reading

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Amazing Agency Anecdotes from new business pitches

Share39 Tweet +16 ShareShares 45This post is by Georgia Suttie, Marketing Director of TrinityP3. Georgia manages TrinityP3’s online agency register and leads the Search & Selection Process where she liaises with marketing heads and departments and matches their needs to … Continue reading

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