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Changing agency or changing roster

How to fix agency or agency roster problems

Are you thinking of pitching your agency to fix a roster problem? Or do you really need to fix your roster? As marketing needs to change your agencies and rosters need to change too. Learn how you can fix that agency and roster problem in a Golden Minute here.


With all the changes in marketing these days is your marketing strategy changing?
Changes in strategy demand changes in capabilities needed.
This could be changes in marketing personnel, changes in process, even changes in agencies.
Perhaps it’s time to review your whole roster and not just the individual agencies?
An opportunity to consider the capabilities you now need
Then decide if they should be in-house or outsourced
And if outsourced, do they exist in your current roster or not
And if you should expand your roster or consolidate it
It is a prime opportunity to set yourself up for success
Because the right strategy is the first step but getting the implementation right is essential.