TrinityP3 建立战略性业务合作伙伴关系, 为我们的客户提供服务, 并在本地、区域和全球范围内分享我们的下一步实践方法。

Ad Cost Checker
Ad Cost Checker 是一个广告成本基准计算器, 允许您统计基准的小时率和费用的创意, 媒体, 数字, 社会, 设计和广告制作。
广告成本检查器的核心是一个广泛的数据库, 其中包括 TrinityP3 在我们的咨询实践中收集和使用的代理费率和行业成本, 涉及所有主要类别的各种代理和广告商, 以及广泛的支出和预算大小。
1. 广告公司希望对照市场检查其费率。
2. 广告商希望确定各个机构在哪些方面与竞争对手进行比较。
3. 希望独立确定其现行或拟议机构费率基准的采购专业人员。


ADMA IQ Skills Assessment
Is your business undertaking a digital transformation? If so, you need the skills to set your business up for success. An IQ for Business employee skills assessment is the best way to identify skill gaps at your business, so you can prioritise your training efforts where it will provide the best value.
Make sure you have the right people with the right skillsets to bring your strategies to life. A customised employee skills assessment can identify the skills that businesses currently have – and where they are lacking. At IQ for Business, we’ve developed a framework that can define the skills your team require specific to their roles and responsibilities, determine your business’ current skills level and identify gaps.


Ethics Alliance-Corporate Member
The Ethics Alliance enables companies – and the leaders who work in them – to harness change for the benefit of employees, customers and shareholders alike. The ultimate beneficiary will be the society in which we all live.
The Ethics Alliance provides practical tools to its members, building their capacity to make better decisions even in conditions of uncertainty. And it will support innovation. The Ethics Alliance has been designed as a safe place for testing the boundaries of what might be possible. Aggregating the resources, energy and insights of members of The Ethics Alliance will achieve outcomes that individual organisations could never achieve on their own.
TrinityP3 is a Corporate Member of the Ethics Alliance


& 业务利益相关者
tritity-p3 和其他顾问 (包括 navigare) 和更多的系统, 评估超越了平淡无奇的分数卡检查列表, 提供了一个多维评估系统, 使您能够测量、管理和最大限度地提高复杂的业务关系。
这是唯一的在线调查, 以评估多达8组之间的关系-这可以与:
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High Profile Enterprises
高配置版企业是一家搜索引擎优化、内容营销和社交媒体咨询公司, 专门利用有针对性的搜索和基于社会的营销活动实现快速、有效的业务增长。
TrinityP3 has been working with High Profile Enterprises since 2011 and in that time they have achieve outstanding results with 2012 website visitor numbers up by 264%, unique visitor numbers up by 303% and pageviews up by 179%.
The strategic alliance sees the principals of High Profile Enterprise, Mike Morgan and Midge Hand, working even closer with TrinityP3 to bolster the skills set of the team and by providing training, knowledge and consulting services to our clients.




Marketing FIRST Forum – 合伙创始人
营销第一论坛是一个由专业营销顾问组成的全球网络。 m1f 产品很简单: 通过本地的知识和有效性, 通过在服务、工具和流程上统一的无缝、统一的全球产品, 帮助营销人员实现全球营销卓越, 这通常反映客户自己的业务部门结构.
TrinityP3 是营销第一论坛的创始合作伙伴, 也是全球通用 “下一步” 方法开发的思想领导者。


The CO2counter
The CO2counter from the Gaia Partnership is an important planning tool that assists environmentally aware marketers understand the carbon efficiency of their media strategy. Media effectiveness has always been measured in CMP (cost per thousand as a dollar value) as media buyers seek the optimize reach and frequency at the lowest possible cost. This focus on a low CMP ignores the inherent carbon waste being created. Using their unique methodology and embedded licensed software the CO2counter allows layering of carbon efficiency across the media planning process to fully understand all media channels to deliver effective campaigns with a reduced carbon footprint.