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Creative Awards not a winner (Award night)

Who really wins at advertising creative award shows?

Who are the big winners at this year’s Creative Award shows? If you said the agencies, you’re wrong. The big winners appear to be the ever-increasing numbers of award show organisers who run these shows for fun and profit. Find out how here in a Golden Award Minute.


Everyone loves a good award show. A chance to dress up. Recognise and acknowledge a job well done.
But who is actually the winner?
Is it the agencies who pay for the entries and tickets?
Is it advertiser who paid for the work?
The industry judges who give up their time for free?
Is the creative team hoping to further their careers?
The sponsors who get to present the awards?
Or is it the organisations who run these shows?
Who profit from offering another award show to an industry hungry for recognition?
Don’t get me wrong, I love a night out. But at last count there were 700 advertising award shows in the world. How many award shows do we need?
And now for the next award.
In the category of “Biggest financial benefit from running awards shows” the envelop please…
And the winner is…. I’ll let you decide.