edition 76 july 9, 2007
media auditing, relevant or not?

     Free to Air television has traditionally been the lifeblood of the media auditor. Large pools of like campaigns targeting a handful of basic audiences were painstakingly compared to identify ways to manipulate activity to improve bottom line, cost per thousand delivery. A comparison with the pool gave comfort or otherwise to the advertiser. In this edition of P3 e-news, we are looking at how relevant this style of media auditing is today. – media auditing- relevant or not? – media services at your fingertips – advertising, marketing & media summit – latest Top 10 is in the mail  
media auditing of tv campaigns – relevant or a waste of time? Itís been a fair while since weíve come across a target audience that hasnít been heavily qualified by psychographics and/or attitudinal filters. Most brands and products are now enveloped by a growing set of parameters that customise quite specifically who the campaign is trying to reach, what mood the audience should be in and how the media & creative in combination can act as a trigger for successful connection. In a world of customised connection any analysis of basic television demographics comparing two products in different categories with diverse communication criteria isnít really going to tell you much. Being 10% more expensive than someone else in the pool may work twice as effectively as a schedule that provides parity cost. the wrong environment will never be the right price The most efficient programmes are the ones that workÖ that deliver consumer connection, and these are likely to be different for most brands and products. Cross comparison audits of the traditional kind are at best irrelevant, and at worst dangerous if they end up driving a media agency down a path of cost per thousand efficiency that fails to deliver the right programming. there is a better way to benchmark At P3Media we have a very simple approach to determining if a client is getting good value from the buying side. The right discount levels with access to premium inventory and an extensive package of added value is the key. With the right deals in place wherever you determine you need to be, youíll be buying those environments at the right price. If you couple the right deals with smart thinking and placement youíll have a schedule of activity thatís great value for your media investment without the need to compare yourself to anyone else. P3Media has an extensive pool of information on discount levels and added value parameters across all major media. To find out how to access this information and benchmark your current arrangements contact P3Media in Sydney on 02 8399 0922 or Melbourne 03 9682 6800 or email stephen@p3.com.au  
media services at your fingertips  

P3Media has launched a new brochure detailing a range of services including: – media agency remuneration and resource review media buying benchmarking – media strategy assessment media performance review – media marketing training If you have not recieved a copy in the mail, please email amanda@p3.com.au for your copy today.  

woolley speaks at summit  

Find out how to maximise your marketing and advertising value at this year’s Advertising, Marketing & Media Summit, July 23-24 at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne Darren Woolley will be speaking Day One on Are you getting what you paid for? Cost versus value. – exploring the cost of various media structures does the ‘Hub Model’ work? – remuneration can help effectiveness and efficiency remuneration and brand consistency working together For more info or to register visit Elite Media  
latest Top 10 in the mail  

Top 10 tips for procuring advertising services.
From open tenders to establishing scope of work requirements, pick up the latest Top 10 ways to avoid the pitfalls of pitching.
Copies of this latest Top 10 were mailed to our database last week. If you did not recieve a copy in the mailout, please email amanda@p3.com.au for your copy today.

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