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In this issue Accessing a global database of agency fees and rates with Ad Cost Checker Accessing a regional database of agency personnel, skills and capabilities with Agency Register Taking a deep dive into media agency strengths and capabilities with Callib8or


Newsletter June

Welcome to the June edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Ad Cost Checker

A global database of agency fees and rates

Are you are an advertiser, marketer, procurement professional or even an agency manager? One of the key issues that arise on a regular basis is the advertising agency costs and specifically the rates charged. TrinityP3 has been benchmarking and assessing agency fees and charges for more than a decade and one of the areas of conflict is determining a fair and reasonable rate for those advertising services. This is why we have developed an on-line system called Ad Cost Checker. Ad Cost Checker your rates Imagine being able to enter the agency rates into an Excel file against the pre-defined benchmarks and then uploading the file to a secure website and instantly getting a report back that shows where your rates sit against the industry benchmarks? It is fast, simple and provides an independent benchmark. Continue reading

Agency RegisterA database of agency personnel, skills and capabilities

When we started managing agency search projects more than a decade ago it was fairly obvious that we would need a way of keeping up to date with the agency market. As our reputation grew, many agencies started couriering their credentials documents to us. Folders, custom made boxes, presentation packs with DVDs and USB sticks started accumulating in the storage area in the office in South Melbourne. Agencies were clearly spending significant amounts of money on these credentials that were often out of date at the time they were printed. There was also the issue of where to store all of these documents. Plus often the information in the credentials documents was either not complete or not what we really needed to select an agency to meet a particular clients needs. It was then that we decided to build our own system – The TrinityP3 Agency Register. Continue reading

A deep dive into media agency strengths and capabilities

The article this week about the anonymous disquiet in some sectors of the media industry about the launch of the Calibr8or system is amusing to say the least, because it is exactly this sector that the system has primarily been developed to help.So I want to take you beyond the sensationalist 800 odd words that makes a Mumbrella story (perhaps they believe their readers are incapable of sustaining concentration on a story longer than five or six paragraphs?) and explain what Calibr8or is and what it is designed to do.First, to directly address some of the fallacies put to us by Mumbrella regarding Calibr8or:
  • You have to pay for inclusion – FALSE. There will be at least 30 Agencies assessed initially. Any Media Agency not included that wishes to be included can register for future inclusion.
  • When using the Calibr8or system in the early stages of the pitch process only those Agencies that subscribe to Calibr8or would be put forward by TrinityP3. FALSE. Every Agency will be assessed based on it’s Calibr8or profile and suitability to the needs of the prospective client.
  • Agencies that subscribe to Calibr8or will be scored more favourably. FALSE. However Agencies that subscribe to Calibr8or will be significantly better informed on how they compare to their competitors and as a function of this will be in a stronger position to improve the quality of their offering across time.
Continue reading

The Marketing Management Book of the year is Free

Download the ebook versions of the TrinityP3 book of the year here for free. Enter code: AMI2015 Darren Woolley’s Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2014 This year’s Marketing Management Book of the Year has over 200 pages covering the most popular topics in the category. Including contributions by Debra Giampoli, Global Director of Agency Relationships at Mondelez on the agency selection process, David Little, International Procurement Specialist on Marketing Procurement, Craig Hodges, Founder and CEO of King Content on Content Marketing Effectiveness and ‘The Buyer’ on decision making and procurement. Here is what the world is saying about the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2014: Darren Woolley is simply different. He sees things through a different lens – a lens that is reality based – but way beyond conventional wisdom. He is one of the most practical, insightful thought leaders in the marketing community. If you want a different answer, link up with Darren. As such, he is a must read for everything he writes – and especially the “Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2014″. Bob Liodice, President & CEO, Association of National Advertisers (ANA), USA

Hot Topics of the Month

1. When Account Management / Client relationships are too close – David Angell 2. 3 different types of pitch consultants and what you can expect from each – Darren Woolley 3. How Neuromarketing provides richer insights into the customer journey – Beate Duesterwald 4. Why Sydney Skinny is great training for successful agency pitching – Darren Woolley 5. Why are you still paying production mark-ups to your agency? – Lyndon Brill 6. What I learned in 90 days as a Marketing Management Consultant – David Angell 7. Media agency transparency is not a local issue, it’s global – Darren Woolley 8. Why high quality content creation is the secret to organic growth – Midge Hand 9. Should your agency be listed in TrinityP3’s Agency Register? – Darren Woolley 10. The concept of partnership is flawed for advertisers and their agencies – Darren Woolley

Most in Demand for this Month

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