Media Angles Podcasts

Welcome to Media Angles with David Angell, Head of Media at TrinityP3.

The media buying planning and buying industry is extremely complex and can be viewed from several angles. In fact, the term ‘media planning and buying’ doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of what’s involved. Several issues are the subject of continuous, global, heated debate; many have a broader impact on societal trends and consumer behaviours. Evolutionary change is a constant. Billions of dollars and the business outcomes of thousands of business, large and small, are at stake. There’s never been a more interesting or challenging time to be a part of it.

In this series of podcasts David sits down for some enlightening conversations with respected individuals from many different areas, all of whom have unique and insightful perspectives on the hot topics in market today. His guests will include senior marketers, digital leaders, agency CEOs, industry trailblazers, procurement specialists and more.

  • Imogen Hewitt, Group Managing Director of Havas talks about the definition of strategy in a media agency.


  • Barry O’Brien, Chairman and CEO Atomic 212 discusses the change and consistency, the advantages of building an agency.


  • Naomi Morton, Marketing Director Momentum Energy talks about the importance of plugging ‘media’ into the rest of the marketing operation.


  • Chris Hitchcock and Andrew Burger, Switched on media talks about the way forward, the continued need for specialist skillsets, the problems of ad-fraud and supply-chain transparency.


  • Katie Rigg-Smith is the CEO of Mindshare Australia and she and David discussed the leadership qualities required to run a powerhouse agency brand.


  • Chris Howatson is the CEO of CHE Proximity and he talks about the challenges he’s faced, the cultural evolution at CHE as media has become embedded into the agency.