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In this issue Visit Us On the Couch with Lydia Feely Read” Did you want collaboration, cooperation or coordination with that marketing process?” Presenting” Briefing to achieve integrated ideas and encourage maximum Agency Collaboration” Read” The importance of trust in collaboration between stakeholders” Logo

Newsletter 03 August 2016

Welcome to the 03 August edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Visit us On the Couch with Lydia Feely

Welcome the third episode of our fortnightly series of videos called “On the Couch @TrinityP3”. In this episode Darren Woolley is on the couch with Lydia Feely, discussing the benefits of collaboration in an ever complex marketing world. It is an opportunity to subscribe to the TrinityP3 YouTube Channel and stay up to date with the latest advice, insights and thinking from APAC’s leading marketing management consultants.
Lydia Feely – Managing Director of Evalu8ing, announcing the winner of the Mumbrella Award for Collaboration.

Read “Did you want collaboration, cooperation or coordination with that marketing process?”

There is much talk about creating collaborative environments, but research by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlights that collaboration requires very specific circumstances and situations to exist effectively. Here we explore what is required for true collaboration and offer some alternatives that could be equally effective for marketers and their organisations.  Click here to read more information…

Presenting “Briefing to achieve integrated ideas and encourage maximum Agency Collaboration”

In October 2015 we were invited to participate in the Good Brief Week in London organised by ISBA and the IPA. Here is the presentation we gave on ways to brief agencies to achieve integrated ideas and maximise agency collaboration. Click here to read more information… 

Read “The importance of trust in collaboration between stakeholders”

In the wake of the media transparency crisis between advertisers and their media agencies not just in the USA, but globally, it is timely to remember that collaboration requires a high level of trust to exist, and therefore behaviours and processes that compromise trust also impact on the effectiveness of collaboration to deliver the desired outcomes. Click here to read more information… 

Watch and Read “The ABC of developing collaborative advertising environments”

Way back in September 2010 we were invited by ISBA to speak in the UK to their Compaq Group of Marketing Procurement Professionals on how to create collaborative working environments to achieve greater value in outputs and better and more effective outcomes. You can read the presentation given here and watch the video. Click here to read more information…  Watch the video here.

Read “Delivering the benefits of greater collaboration and business strategy alignment”

It is not enough to simply create a collaborative working environment if it does not deliver the improvement in outputs and outcomes. Here you can read about what is required to deliver improved engagement and drive performance across the organisation and across the marketing supply chain or agency roster. Click here to read more information… 

Watch “A true 360 degree view of agency relationships”

Many systems talk about 360-degree analysis, but in actual fact simply refer to a two-way feedback system. In an increasingly complex business world, where multiple teams can be working together either across disciplines or across markets, it is vital to take a true 360-degree view of the ecosystem. The Evalu8ing system allows organisation to measure collaboration, improve stakeholder engagement, and drive performance. Watch the video here.

Discover how to Measure Collaboration. Improve Engagement. Drive Performance. Evalu8ing.

Evalu8ing is the only system that measures the collaboration of multiple teams or groups. We use these results and work with you to help improve the engagement of these groups to drive performance. To find out more on how to measure collaboration, improve engagement and drive performance, either within your organisation or across multiple organisations, contact us now. Click here to read more information… 

Convergence Sydney & Singapore

Convergence Challenge is an Australia-wide student technology programme and competition that provides opportunities for students across technology, business, design, games, VFX and other media, to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications, products, business solutions and integrate solutions that can change the way we live and work in Australia. Speakers and panelists see here Register here

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What’s Hot

Here are the most read, most shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month:
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  3. Do great client agency relationships deliver great performance? 
  4. The slow motion train wreck that is the media rebate and transparency crisis
  5. Why Media Planning and Buying is like the ancient game of Go
  6. Why adjusting an agency scope of work requires careful consideration
  7. Why strategy workshops beat speculative creative pitches for agency selection every time 
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Most in Demand for this Month
July was once again a busy time for the TrinityP3 team in the following areas:
  • We started to assist a leading Australian financial institution rationalize their agency roster
  • A one-day workshop was held with another financial customer to explore transformation in marketing services.
  • The Marketing team of a medical insurance provider also held a series of workshops to better understand the existing agency relationships.
  • An assessment of a big budget TVC was quickly turned around for a soft drinks company.
  • A superannuation business asked for a hand with their above and below the line contracts, transformation and scope negotiations.
  • Global & Australian media benchmarking were in demand from a large tourism authority.
  • A leading car manufacturer engaged TrinityP3 to map their complex CRM process, as well as cast our eyes over their agency remunerations
  • And last but not least, a mobile provider worked with us to assess their media and help implementation of a new partner.

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