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Wanting to improve your media transparency, value and performance? Looking for the media agency partner to drive your business? Wondering how much you should be paying your media agency? Is it time you renewed and renegotiated your media agency contract?

Newsletter 20th September 2017

Welcome to the 20th September edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Media continues to be the single largest budget item for most advertisers. But how media has changed in the past decade, with paid digital media spend higher than television and all traditional media. With these changes comes significant challenge around transparency, meaningful and consistent metrics, viewability, rising ad fraud counted in billions of dollars annually and the erosion of the advertiser’s media buying value. We are focused on optimising our clients’ media value chain. That means ensuring their media investment is delivering the results they want. This could mean anything from making sure they have the right agencies and media supply chain partners, to implementing the performance protection in their contracts, to taking their media in-house. We work with the advertiser and their agencies and suppliers to maximise transparency and deliver maximum media value and performance. Read more here.  

Wanting to improve your media transparency, value and performance?

Are you concerned about the value you are obtaining from your media investment? Has your digital media spend increased without any substantial improvement in results? Are media needs increasingly complex and complicated? Are you considering reviewing your media agency arrangements? Media is ever more challenging, but before you make changes you need a clear view of your current situation. We work with our advertising clients to review completely their current media planning and buying process for all of their paid media needs. We review advertiser and agency and supplier processes, contractual arrangements, remuneration, performance metrics and more to identify where media value and performance is being lost. Read more here.  

Looking for the media agency partner to drive your business?

Are you planning to review your media agency arrangements? Do you regularly take your media agency relationship to pitch? Or is the relationship underperforming? Are you looking for more effective media agency arrangements? Beyond the media agency, there are more suppliers in the media planning and buying process today than there have ever been. Selecting the right media, planning, search and programmatic agencies and suppliers is essential. We work with our advertiser clients to detail what defines a successful outcome and then work to manage the process to ensure it is delivered. Be that a fully managed pitch, or assisting your team or simply working with you to define success and the right agencies worth considering. Read more here.    

Wondering how much you should be paying your media agency?

Are you still paying your media agency on commission? Are you getting value for you media agency fee? Is the media agency remuneration open and transparent? Do you want to incentivise your media agency to deliver higher performance or better value? The way you remunerate your media agency has a huge impact on the value you receive from your media investment. We are able to benchmark your media agency remuneration, not just on cost, but more importantly to define the media value it delivers. We also identify ways you can improve the value of your remuneration model or show you how to use it to improve media value and performance. Value and performance based remuneration are our specialty. Read more here.  

Is it time you renewed and renegotiated your media agency contract?

When did you last review your media agency contract? Having difficulty getting the agency to sign a new media contract? Or difficulty finding a contract that delivers the media transparency and value you need from your agency? Media trading terms and processes are rapidly changing. You need to ensure your contract stays up to date with those practices. While there are a number of industry media contracts available now, we find that working with our clients to customise these to their specific media needs and arrangements ensures they maintain current best practice. This provides our clients with a high level of confidence in the rigor and governance of the media arrangements. Read more here.  

Considering taking your media in house?

Considering taking your media planning and even buying in-house? Wondering what are your options? Or working through the requirements and the business case? Or perhaps you’ve taken media in-house and are working to deliver the promised results? Programmatic buying technology makes in-house media buying more accessible for the right advertisers. The question is – are you one of the right advertisers? Based on our expertise in assessing and benchmarking the media process, we are able to provide our clients with an assessment of your in-house media needs or to assess the performance of your current in-house media function. We provide independent assessment and advice to assist with the process of developing an in-house media function or to diagnose and optimise your in-house media function. Read more here.    

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