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Visit us on the Couch with Anton Buchner Read why your CEO should be on social media as the public face of the company Review the marketer’s guide to the many languages of social media Social Media Management: To outsource or not to outsource? Review the 3 tectonic shifts for business due to social media

Newsletter 20 July 2016

Welcome to the 20 July edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Visit us On the Couch with Anton Buchner

Welcome to our second fortnightly series of videos called “On the Couch @TrinityP3”. In this episode Darren Woolley is on the couch with Anton Buchner, discussing the digital landscape and what this means for marketer today and in the future. It is an opportunity to subscribe to the TrinityP3 YouTube Channel and stay up to date with the latest advice, insights and thinking from APAC’s leading marketing management consultants. Watch the Video here.

Read why your CEO should be on social media as the public face of the company

CEOs are smart people, right? They couldn’t have got to where they are without being switched-on, dynamic and multi-skilled. But is it possible they have a blind spot? Where are all the CEOs in Social? In a world where more than 3 billion people are on the internet and 2 billion are active social media users, should CEOs not be active in Social? Click here to read more information…

Review the marketer’s guide to the many languages of social media

Success in social media marketing does not rely entirely on the quality of content or number of connections your business has. Though nailing the quality of content is paramount, social media marketers ought to embrace the need for designing specific content for each platform to meet the needs of the majority users of the platforms. This is mostly important when you consider the different kinds of people popular with different social media platforms. The majority of people found in Facebook are different from those on Twitter or Instagram. Same is true for their content preference. Your success in using these platforms will depend largely on mastering the kind of content to post in each platform to capture the attention of the specific users. Click here to read more information…

Social Media Management: To outsource or not to outsource?

Most companies today understand that the question of social media management is no longer ‘If’ it needs to be managed but rather, Why, How, and with Whom? The answer to the ‘Why’ can be found in  your business and marketing objectives combined with the reality of what is already happening in relation to your brand in social media:
  • Are you wanting to increase sales, take a Thought Leadership position, get closer to your customer base, provide Customer Services?
  • Are you being attacked online via aggressive tweets, blogs, or forums that you need to counter?
  • Do you need to nullify a strong competitive position online?
From the Why, the How and the Who become clear. Click here to read more information…

Review the 3 tectonic shifts for business due to social media

The tectonic shift is not in the type of social media being used it’s the fact that businesses today must integrate the fundamentals of social media into all aspects of their business practice:
  • real-time
  • people
  • communities
  • information
  • connection
It’s no longer good enough to allow channels to operate in isolation, databases not to seamlessly talk, feedback to be ignored, and poor customer experiences to be created by out of touch front line staff. Businesses must re-engineer into social businesses or face losing market share. Click here to read more information…

Discover how to make sure that social media expert is really an expert

In the past 12 months it seems that social media experts have been coming out of the woodwork and turning up at industry conferences espousing their ideas on social media strategies. In fact just last week in Sydney there was an industry forum on social media and of the ten speakers, two openly admitted to not really understanding social media as they did not use it, and six more had no twitter account I could find, or any obvious sign of social media authority to speak on the subject. Earlier this year I went to a industry function where the keynote speaker was a brand marketer who had recently set up as a consultant on building brands using social media. A quick check showed they had less than 200 followers and a Klout score of 16. So when you are reading, listening or watching someone tell you all about social media, how can you tell if they are everything they say they are? Click here to read more information…

Review the pros and cons of business social media automation

Social media automation has got a bad rap! Unfortunately it is often seen in the same light as the huge amount of spam on the web. So, how does social media automation get confused with these spammy techniques?

It is mainly because there are a number of tools available that allow users to abuse the very essence of social media. Growing numbers super fast, setting up robot accounts, blasting out messages to unsuspecting users are irritations we all have to endure.

So social media automation is a bad thing, right? No, wrong! Some level of automation is essential to your effectiveness.

Click here to read more information…

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