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Visit us On the Couch with David Little
Managing Marketing: The changing role and challenges of global procurement
Marketing Procurement: highly effective at the wrong thing?
Grow up! Marketing procurement should not be put in a box



Newsletter 26 October 2016

Welcome to the 26 October 2016 edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

Visit us On the Couch with David Little

“On the Couch @TrinityP3” is our fortnightly discussion on an issue important to the advertising, media and marketing industry. In this episode Darren Woolley is on the couch with David Little, marketing procurement expert. The two discuss the similarities and differences between refrigeration and marketing procurement, the attraction of marketing for procurement professionals, and the value procurement can bring to the marketing process?

Watch the video here.



Managing Marketing: the changing role and challenges of global procurement

Steve Lightfoot, Senior Manager, Global Procurement at the World Federation of Advertisers discusses with Darren the challenges faced by global procurement teams. They talk about the role these teams will increasingly play in risk management, helping marketers deal with the huge complexity of the global market, and the differences found on a market by market basis. 

Listen to it here.



Marketing Procurement: highly effective at the wrong thing?

Tom Lewis of the IPA in the UK shares his perspective on how marketing procurement has been very effective at lowering agency fees and costs, but how this has often been at the expense of quality and effectiveness. Is Tom right? Has marketing procurement been focused on the wrong thing and what is the impact of this practice?

Read here and share your opinion.



Grow up! Marketing procurement should not be put in a box

Many in the industry, especially on the agency side, claim that marketing procurement should be put in a box, Nathan Hodges, Managing Director of TrinityP3 provides a considered and thought provoking defence of the role of marketing procurement. The Trinity in TrinityP3 represents the relationship between marketers, their agencies and procurement.

Read his argument here.



Did the CFO set Procurement up for failure in Marketing?

With several marketing procurement teams suddenly disappearing from some companies and the pepsico announcement to drop marketing procurement last year, Darren Woolley, Founder and CEO of TrinityP3 asked the question “Has the CFO set up procurement for short term cost reduction success and long term failure in marketing?

Read his opinion here.




Why marketers and procurement experts should embrace more often

David Angell, Head of Media and General Manager at TrinityP3 confesses that when he was on the agency side he hated procurement. But now he has developed an appreciation for the role procurement plays in marketing as commercial managers.

Read his journey from procurement-phobe to procurement-lover here.



Is marketing procurement an investment or an insurance policy?

Here is a question for the CEOs, CFOs and even the CMOs out there. Is your marketing procurement an investment with the return being savings and cost reduction? Or is it an insurance policy to minimise the impact of something going wrong in marketing? The fact is it is a balance of both as we see marketing procurement transition and mature from sourcing to commercial management.

Read about this process here.



The most popular concepts in marketing procurement

Since 2006 we have been regularly sharing thoughts, ideas and insights into marketing and marketing procurement through the TrinityP3 Blog. Each year since 2013 we have collated the 50 most popular into a book. Read about the Top 50 Marketing Management Post of the Year series here. The 2016 edition will be out in December this year.

Click here to read more.

You can also download your free ebook copy of the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2015 with the code NEWSLETTER here.



What’s Hot

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  6. Is your team managing your agency roster? (Probably not) 
  7. Managing Marketing: The expanding role of the media agency in marketing 
  8. Digital marketing strategy: Don’t be Robinson Crusoe on your digital island 
  9. Consumer goods client reviews media agency performance, value and transparency without a pitch – case study 
  10. What is the definition of Marketing? 



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