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 3rd October 2018

Welcome to the October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news

10 essential principles of agency remuneration

Whatever your agency remuneration model, there are some [essential] guiding principles that should underpin every remuneration agreement. Ignoring them or cutting corners in your approach to defining your remuneration contract can ultimately give way to frustration, disagreement and / or dissatisfaction further down the road.Find out the answer here.


With a database across more than 20 markets, hundreds of roles and cost centres, and thousands of data points, you can find out instantly with Ad Cost Checker.
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Ten common problems with agency retainers

Reading the trade media on the trend towards agency project fees, you would think that the agency retainer is dead (along with the Agency of Record). While the ANA Agency Compensation Survey shows that the retainer is not as common as it once was, it still accounts for a significant proportion of major agency remuneration models, and is truly alive and well. So, what are the problems with retainer that marketers need to consider? Find out here.


Calculating hourly rates from direct salary costs include annual billable hours and overhead and profit factors, which are all part of our TrinityP3’s Resource Rate Calculators.
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Is the problem with agency fee benchmarking simply a matter of statistics?

What are the benchmarks you are using? Are they simply an average, a mean or a median? Beyond the rates being paid to another agency, real benchmarks are statistically significant and provide insights into the rates and fees and how these compare to the market and the quality of the resources being procured. Simply paying average gets you average. And, after all, who wants their marketing and advertising to be average? This is why we do not provide average benchmarks. Find out why and how here.

Choose the Right Agency Fee Model

There are many different agency fee models. The major ones are listed below (in no particular order). What is the right agency fee model for you? Be it for a media agency, creative agency, a digital agency or more, the TrinityP3 Agency Fee Decision Tree will help you find the right model.
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Most in Demand for this Month

The TrinityP3 team helped our customers on the following projects last month:
  • We helped the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand with Rate Benchmarking.
  • A mobile service provider in Malaysia worked with us to better understand their Agency Management.
  • Another mobile service provider in Thailand also asked us to assess their Agency Management.
  • One of Japan’s biggest multinational automotive manufacturers asked for our help with Media Consultancy.
  • Engagement Agreement and Remuneration Modelling was undertaken for a leading manufacturing company.
  • Our digital team worked hard on Digital agency search and selection and media agency introduction for an Educational institution in Perth.
  • And, last but not least, a not-for-profit organisation engaged the team to find a suitable Agency Tender Management.

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