edition 16 october 16 2003
P3’s new range of services
Due to client demand, P3 now offers auditing, training and benchmarking in the following areas –   P3TV – television production P3Print – print production P3Media – in partnership with Media Benchmarks P3DM – direct marketing P3Interactive – interactive and multimedia P3PR – public relations P3Biz – agency remuneration, selection and relationships See the new P3 Advertising Performance Manual for details. Add a colleague to the P3 news mail list, email their details to people@p3.com.au 
cutting costs without  improvement in quality is futile  

There is pressure on all aspects of business to become more cost effective. For many this translates into simply driving down costs. But to quote Edward Deming, the quality consultant that bought you the post-WW2 boom economy in Japan, cutting costs without improvement in quality is futile.

Ask yourself, are you getting maximum value from your advertising suppliers? Rather than answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’, for the majority of marketing professionals the most honest answer is ÒI don’t knowÓ.

how would you know?

For most marketers, their only reference point is their current agency and the one they just fired. Agencies and advertisers are very hesitant to share the rates they are currently paying. P3, through a network of consultants, surveys and our extensive client base, has built a wide and comprehensive database of benchmark costs and resources.

P3 has all marcomms covered

TodayÕs marketing communications (Marcomms) is more complex than simply creating ads and running tv campaigns. Media fragmentation, direct marketing, public relations, multimedia and web marketing are all important components of the marcomms mix. But how can any one marketer have the expertise and skills across this diverse range of disciplines? Through our network of expert consultants P3 offers independent advice on:

* Television production * Print production * Direct marketing * Interactive and multimedia * Agency remuneration, selection and relationship management * Media strategy and buying * Market research * Public relations

P3 is all about ‘value for money’

Low cost indicates cheap, but maximum value is ensuring the quality of the outcome is delivered at the lowest possible cost. Therefore rather than just focusing on lower cost, P3 focuses on determining quality and then identifying efficiencies to lower cost without compromising that quality.

To find out how P3 achieves this, go to our website at www.p3.com.au and download the e-brochure P3 Advertising Performance Manual (pdf 3.3MB), order your free printed copy under subscribe at the same web site or contact us on people@p3.com.au to arrange a meeting.

P3 Advertising Performance Manual
More than ever before marketers are required to manage and master a wider range of marcomms including media, advertising, direct marketing, interactive and public relations.Get the new P3 Advertising Performace Manual *  64 pages of tools and services *  7 different marcomms covered *  auditing, training, benchmarking P3 is all about achieving value for money. To receive your copy, email people@p3.com.au  

brendan van maanen joins P3

As Group Communications and Group Account Director in agencies from George Patterson Bates, Lowe Lintas, Euro and Saatchi & Saatchi, Brendan has been responsible for national and international blue chip brands, retail, political and government accounts since 1986. As Head of Client Services, he provides P3 clients with a balanced, considered view on managing the multitude of diverse marketing communications issues faced by marketers today.

To contact Brendan, email brendan@p3.com.au
P3TV Online and In Demand

Over 14 of Australia’s and New Zealand’s top advertisers and their agencies are now using the P3TV Online Benchmark Application

Makes the TV production process transparent and easy to understand.

Register at www.p3tv.com.au

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