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April 2007/2

…of the media accreditation system, most advertisers negotiated the remuneration rate down to the point where it impacted the quality of the planning and to a lesser extent the buying….

A Golden Minute

…compensation Read more & watch video >   The Golden Rule – The man with the gold makes the rules The Marketing Golden Rule – The man with the gold…

Newsletter 09 November 2016

the agency or marketing suppliers is in both the outputs they produce to deliver your marketing and advertising strategy, and the outcomes these deliver against that strategy. Therefore, to remunerate…

Newsletter 20th December 2017

…e-news Give the Marketing Management Book of the Year – 2017 Into its 5th year, the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of the Year is now available. More than 360…

Newsletter 26 July 2017

…and complex market, the strategy needs to be able to adapt to the changing needs and opportunities. How robust is your marketing strategy? Does it leverage the latest opportunities available?…

July 2005

…see how their agency tv production estimates compare to the industry benchmarks instantly. To find out how you can get ultimate transparency and accountability into your television production costs go…

Newsletter 16 September 2020

…Agency of the Future.’ Fix ‘The Agency of Today’ ‘The Agency of the Future’ gets a lot of attention in the press and at industry conferences. ‘The Agency of the

Newsletter 21st February 2018

…better marketing performance? What are the biggest technology challenges facing marketing today? The importance of measuring performance in digital marketing Newsletter 21st February 2018 Welcome to the February 2018 edition…