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May 2007

…have their resources stretched during this time. risk of exposure to the market To be able to judge the core competencies of the participating agencies, many advertisers ask the agencies…

February 2015

…members have the resources they need to fuel their abilities and put them ahead of the game. This unlocks the potential for them to create value now and lead their…

Newsletter 22 February 2017

There are several approaches to this remuneration methodology, but the basic principles for defining value is either the value of the work done for the buyer (output) or the value…

March 2006/2

the agency and assessing the production cost of the concept prior to briefing the production companies, the advertiser can set expectations rather than negotiate a change to their agencies position….

April 2006/2

…Each year they spend $500,000 on production and the other $2.5 million dedicated to television media over the year. The production cost is 20% of the media investment. The fragmented…

May 2007/2

…Back to the meeting we had with our client and their agency. Once we had discussed the cost of the approval process we went on to talk to the client…

Newsletter 14 October 2020

…reply to this email or connect with me here How to use Evalu8ing to increase marketing performance Marketers are realising that to meet the needs of their marketing strategy they…

August 2005

…up to the discretion of the production house to re allocate the excess funds into another cost center should they see fit, or alternatively they can retain these excess funds…