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June 2005

…production industry there are some great deals to be had. But are they benefiting the advertiser or their agency? In this P3 e-news, Clive Duncan of P3TV reviews the ways…

May 2015

…quality of our TVCs since we all switched to digital movie cameras. So the passing of the 35mm film camera has come and gone without a major disruption to the

April 2006

…of these digital assets: 1. These assets are created by external suppliers and often reside in their control. Some suppliers are unwilling to provide copies of these to the advertiser,…

Newsletter 2 September 2020

…Managing Marketing: The Trials Of The Pitch Consultant Will agencies absorb their advertiser budget reductions again? Why marketing communicators need to see through greenwashing and how to start Outsourcing marketing

Newsletter 20th September 2017

their media investment is delivering the results they want. This could mean anything from making sure they have the right agencies and media supply chain partners, to implementing the performance…

February 2007

…because they believe their agency is overcharging them. However, in many of these cases, the project has gone from a molehill to a mountain in size and cost, and the

Newsletter 23rd August 2017

…challenges facing marketing today? Agencies Struggle with Declining Prices Where can Global Advertisers find the best Creative Value? Managing Marketing: The importance of measuring performance in digital marketing 10 ways…

Newsletter 9th August 2017

topic here. What is the ideal agency roster size? How many agencies is too many? What is the ideal agency roster size? And how do you get there? Watch the

Newsletter 31 August 2016

too. Check it out here. Download – The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World This comprehensive Guide will not only demystify the world of digital and data…

June 2015

…of date at the time they were printed. There was also the issue of where to store all of these documents. Plus often the information in the credentials documents was…

Newsletter 8th August 2018

…shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month: Does your marketing structure support your marketing strategy anymore? Managing Marketing: Achieving transparency in the murky…