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Newsletter 18 August 2021

…more effective in presenting their credentials Agency Selection: The Pitch Consultant’s Definitive Guide for 2021 Why Scope of Work (SoW) is not Scope of Services (SoS) and why that matters…

September 2011

…the level of resources required to deliver the scope of work across the various agency disciplines to help identify where the advertising process can be improved. One of the areas…

Newsletter 16 December 2020

…white papers include in-depth reviews of managing scope of work, research into the environmental impact of point of sale, the Scope Metric methodology for creative and media and more. Download…

Newsletter 2 February 2022

…facing media today? Managing Marketing: The Marketing War Chest Two different ways to assess and evaluate agency performance What’s the role of today’s advertising agency? Why Scope of Work (SoW)…

Newsletter 17 March 2021

…of client-agency relationships. They get no glory for their efforts or sacrifices. They suffer the consequences of scope of work increases, fee reductions, inadequate resources and relationship threats. They hold…

Newsletter- January 2014

…client Benchmarked Agency Remuneration for a Retail client. Benchmarked Scope of Work Resources for a APAC Financial Sevices client Modelled Agency Reuneration for a Global Automotive client Negotiated Agency Remuneration…

Newsletter 5th September 2018

Scope of Work (SoW) is not Scope of Services (SoS) and why that matters Practical advice on navigating the media supply chain (An interview with David Angell) Book The truth…

Newsletter 25 May 2022

…consider when selecting a new advertising agency How to create a compelling agency credentials presentation How to make brands behave more ethically? Start with the 4Ps Why Scope of Work

Newsletter 31 August 2016

…crisis Why Media Planning and Buying is like the ancient game of Go Why adjusting an agency scope of work requires careful consideration Why strategy workshops beat speculative creative pitches…