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September 2005/2

…on the link below or add them to the ‘p3 news’ mailing list, by emailing their details to things to consider when selecting a media agency Size (buying ‘clout’)…

December 2004

…voice over agreement with the MEAA? The talent rates have no impact on their revenue and there is no economic incentive to control these with the costs passed directly to

July 2006

…occurred in the mid 90’s advertisers have struggled with how to reward and remunerate their advertising agencies’ for their strengths and tried to find better commercial arrangements by reviewing traditional

Newsletter 22 June 2016

…Hot Here are the most read, most shared and most commented on articles from the TrinityP3 blog in the past month: The critical mission to save the Marketing Director The

March 2016

…Darren on the state of the media and the media agencies across Europe and the globe. Specifically they discuss their focus on media value and the ways to define, manage…

November 2006

…associated with advertising – the creation of the advertisement and the media placement. The creation of the material for the advertising campaign is usually far less than the placement costs….