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TrinityP3 Newsletter 18th April 2018

…one Has “Digital/Social” Become the Dollar Menu of the Advertising World? The Creative may be Digital, but the process is analog Managing Marketing: Navigating digital transformation Media performance management –…

TrinityP3 consultant marketing management predictions for 2019

…will be dragged into court no matter where the actual blame belongs. Ilona Evans – Integration of digital into marketing During 2019 I predict digital marketing silos will continue to

June 2006

…it is deemed to be too expensive, too complicated, too time consuming and too dependent upon data on individual customers or prospects, usually sourced via areas outside of the marketing

September 2006

…management techniques and tools to allow you to better manage your marketing portfolio. Click here to view a trailer for the webinar or to register now. P3’s high performance PR…

Newsletter 23 November 2016

marketing to increasingly collaborate within the organisation to deliver a customer experience. The role of collaboration between agencies to deliver a consistent marketing strategy. But the question raised here by…

The Marketing Management Book of the Year is here – 2018 Edition

…interest? 26 Pitfalls to avoid when losing a pitch 27 Managing Marketingthe importance of measuring performance in digital marketing 28 Seven questions everyone on your marketing team should…

Newsletter 17 October 2018

…we went to work on updating the design to make the huge amount of content we have there, going back to January 2000, even easier to navigate. There are almost…

Asia Newsletter 5 August 2020

to tossing their 2020 plans out the window as they quickly work out how to adjust to the situation they are facing….and then look to plan their way out. COVID-19:…