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July 2003

    edition 12: july 16, 2003 is your agency remuneration working for you & your agency?  Welcome to the first ‘p3 news’ for the new financial year 2003 /…

Newsletter 22 February 2017

…the problem with data the fact that many marketers misuse it? Managing Marketing: Media value, transparency and relationships today How to transform your agency relationships Agency search and selection for…

Newsletter 13 February 2019

…media agency, creative agency, a digital agency or more, the TrinityP3 Agency Fee Decision Tree will help you find the right model here Managing Marketing Podcast: Putting the value back…

March 2016

…asked TrinityP3 to help with issues they were having in the following areas: Agency Search and Selection for a large hotel chain Roster modeling, remuneration terms and internal process guidance…

February 2016

…idiot Here is how we helped marketers solve their marketing problems in February: Media Agency Selection Process for a not – for – profit organisation Consultancy services for Media Agency

Find Your Perfect Agency Match

…a proposal here Further reading: It is difficult searching agency details unless you know where to look Should your agency be listed in TrinityP3’s Agency Register? If you would like…