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Newsletter 10 April 2019

…on how to improve your agency credentials then speak with a TrinityP3 consultant today. Register for more New Business When we started managing agency search projects almost two decades ago…

Newsletter 12 May 2021

…busy and while it is possible you could find a cheaper agency, you are not sure you will find a better agency than your incumbent. What do you do? There…

Scope of Work Management for Agencies

…how much this solution could change your business for the better. We’d love to help. Go back to all the Agency & Agency Roster Performance Solutions here Find all the…

Newsletter 16 September 2020

Agency of the Future.’ Fix ‘The Agency of Today’ ‘The Agency of the Future’ gets a lot of attention in the press and at industry conferences. ‘The Agency of the…

Newsletter 23 October 2019

…but also your creative agency and your digital agency. And you want to do it all at the same time. What are the pros and cons of undertaking the agency

Madison Avenue Makeover: How Can Advertisers use Agencies to Restore Growth and Profitability for their Lackluster Brands?

agency selections; ad hoc and growing scope of work deliverables; auctions of deliverables among selected agencies; creation of internal agency operations; use of management consulting firms; and ongoing programs of…