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October 2015

…of marketing management Why agency negotiations are never as straightforward as you think Data quality management and benchmarking for a brand marketer – Case study Most in Demand for this…

TrinityP3 Terms and Conditions to Mentoring Program

…reliability, timeliness, availability of backed-up data and performance of the Online Platform and services. TrinityP3 does not warrant that the Online Platform and Services will meet your requirements, or that…

October 2003

…selection and relationships See the new P3 Advertising Performance Manual for details. Add a colleague to the P3 news mail list, email their details to cutting costs without improvement…

Newsletter 15 April 2020

…decades has advised marketers globally on improving productivity, performance and marketing value. Join us for a free 1-hour online workshop titled ‘‘Unlocking performance post lockdown – Create more marketing value…

Media auditing is dead. Long live media auditing?

performance. DARREN: Well that certainly makes sense, Stephen. But what does not make sense is the fact it is still called a media audit. STEPHEN: That is true, Darren. As…

Newsletter 18 August 2021

…in-house agencies, one of the major flaws is these in-house operations are often not performance-managed effectively to ensure that the investment is justified. But how should you measure the performance