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Media Agency Search &/or Selection

…the process or simply working with you to define success and identify the right agencies for consideration. Is this what you are looking for? If so contact us now to…

Industry Polls

…is the right marketing structure for your organisation? How often should you pitch your agencies? Merry Christmas, here is your RFP? What is standing in the way of you implementing…

Why it is time to remove creative agencies from the production process

…was offered as part of the process of the agency selling media. What was the point of the client buying media and then developing the creative in-house (which was the…

Newsletter 4th October 2017

…compared. While rates are not a definitive determination of overall cost, they are an important factor in considering the value of the agency resource. The role of the industry rate…

Newsletter 30th May 2018

…performance based remuneration or payment by results often fail Newsletter 30th May 2018 Welcome to the May edition of TrinityP3’s e-news How Ready Are You For Agency Performance based Remuneration?…

Engagement, Performance & Process Agreements

(How to create new ways of working with your agencies to deliver maximum performance) How well do your agencies work together? Do you have a robust and agile marketing process?…

Newsletter 23 November 2016

…to the 23 November edition of TrinityP3’s e-news Did you want collaboration, cooperation or coordination with that marketing process? There is a lot of talk about collaboration. The need for

What can marketers do now to manage brands through the media transparency debate?

…set the agencies different KPIs from their own, and then wonder why the agencies are not working alongside them. Sometimes the agencies look like they might succeed wildly against the…

Agency Search & Selection

…and disruptive. Finding the range of suppliers available in the market place is often difficult to obtain. Any process requires a high level of due diligence and governance to ensure…