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Madison Avenue Makeover: How Can Advertisers use Agencies to Restore Growth and Profitability for their Lackluster Brands?

…create strategic relationships with them to achieve a major turnaround in brand performance on a long-term basis. 2. Performance goals. Advertisers and their selected agencies would determine, through hard-nosed…

The Marketing Management Book of the Year – 2014 edition

…paperback or e-book. Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2014 Following the industry and category success of last year, we decided to analyse the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts for…

Newsletter 22 May 2019

…suppliers they have collected on their roster. Getting your agency roster right will improve the performance of your agencies, increase the value of your advertising budget by eliminating duplication and…

Newsletter 8th November 2017

…Automated marketing, data management platforms, customer relationship management platforms, demand side platforms, programmatic buying, content management systems, digital asset management and so much more. Plus there are new innovations and…

How TrinityP3 is helping optimise marketing performance through technology – Three case studies

…stack to optimise performance Challenging Problem: The company had a number of technology platforms including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Data Management Platform (DMP), and assorted customer…

The Marketing Management Book of the Year is here – 2018 Edition

…focused on strategic management consulting, including restructuring the marketing function across a range of client categories, and improving performance metrics for marketing and the agencies and suppliers working with them….

Prosperity ahead for those marketers who embrace The Year of the Dog

…there is more to martech than just automation, including Customer Relationship Management, Data Management Platforms, Programmatic Trading Desks, Content Management Systems, Workflow Management Platforms and more. Perhaps the Year of…

Top 25 TrinityP3 strategic marketing management posts of 2013

…number 25. 25. Two different ways to assess and evaluate agency performance – Darren Woolley Soon after we developed Evalu8ing to measure, manage and maximise agency roster performance and collaboration,…

If collaboration is causing you pain, here are 5 ways you are doing it wrong

…an individual, then collectively the roster is the team. Therefore while individual feedback and performance management is important, the team performance is improved collectively. Are you doing collaboration correctly? Clearly…