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…agencies do you need and how to get there Aligning your digital marketing to marketing The challenges for Marketers in a carbon constrained future Super charge your agency with incentive…

Becoming a Mentor

…mentor them. How many mentees? Also, up to you. At least one and we limit the number to three. How long is the mentoring commitment? Some mentees may want a…

David Angell

…media supply chain (An interview with David Angell) Pitfalls to avoid when losing a pitch. Media performance management – Become an Instant Expert How to know if you need to

Jeremy Taylor

…storytellers for their clients, but can the global agency networks tell their own stories? Marketing in the New Normal. What is really changing? New Age of Global Marketing – Global…

Our Approach to Media Value and Performance

…threads together into a single pattern to demonstrate, in a single source, our approach to media’ across the key issues facing the industry today. Some topics crop up more than…

Lyndon Brill

…two years later, was handed the responsibility of Publicis Dialog Worldwide’s operations. Lyndon also has client-side experience, allowing him to see financial issues from “the other side of the fence”….