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The top 3 crazy lessons learned by the EU GDPR compliance implementation

…identifiable) within each: Email / sms deployment technology Tag management Marketing automation technology Content management or delivery network Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) technology Data Management Platform (DMP) Campaign management application…

Are management consultancies really agencies?

Tweet Share Share Buffer Pin While management consultants are focusing on marketing, media and advertising. Just as media, marketing and advertising agencies are focusing on offering consulting services to their…

The Marketing Management Book of the Year 2018

…is a must read for any marketer, marketing procurement, marketing technology and advertising agency grappling with the fast-paced environment of today’s marketing. This edition is proof the issues of marketing…

Prosperity ahead for those marketers who embrace The Year of the Dog

…there is more to martech than just automation, including Customer Relationship Management, Data Management Platforms, Programmatic Trading Desks, Content Management Systems, Workflow Management Platforms and more. Perhaps the Year of

The 4 most common dead ends, watch outs and cautions when assessing data driven marketing

…numerous agencies and one of the agencies is constantly thrown projects at the last minute to sort out where the data should flow to AFTER web forms have been built…

The Marketing Management Book of the Year 2014

…a global platform, on all things related to management of client/agency relationships. Exuding helpful advice for advertisers and often sharing key insights on social media platforms, all of which demonstrates…

Putting Marketing First in strategic marketing management

…importantly, the public interface is a community of marketers, marketing procurement and agencies who are also driven to develop “next practice” in the face of failure of many industry best…

Digital marketing strategy: Don’t be Robinson Crusoe on your digital island

…may include: Insight generation Strategic planning Creative Ideation Design Development Project management Risk management Service & experience management Data management Social & community management Sponsorship negotiation Performance measurement It’s also…

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…review your agency contracts to reduce risk and boost performance) Scope of Work Management (How to manage your scope of work to maximise agency value and performance) Performance & Value…