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Over the course of the last five years, as part of our role as an independent adviser on marketing management, TrinityP3 has contributed to the cause with numerous articles, podcasts,…

Kylee Stone

…in performance. In addition to her depth of knowledge in Strategic Planning, B2B Marketing, Brand Development and Distribution, during the onset of digital transformation Kylee transitioned into Change Management where…

Newsletter – November 2007

the focus and the corresponding growth in the digital area, it is no wonder we find marketers questioning their current strategies and processes for leveraging this increasingly important communications channel….

How many billable hours are there in a year?

Tweet Share Share Buffer Pin If you are still working with agency retainers then the issue of billable hours per person will definitely be an issue. Too high and too…

Marketing: the conscience of business?

…should be, the voice of the customer. In fact marketing can be the customer conscience of the organisation. Ensuring the brand and the organisation doesn’t just meet customer expectations but…

The Media Rebate and Transparency Crisis

Share Tweet Share 7 Shares To receive an email link to download this white paper please complete and submit the form below. The recent K2 report on media transparency and…

Are management consultancies really agencies?

…headlines from the trade media. But too late. The management consultants are here. They’re buying advertising agencies. They’re recruiting agency staff. And building agency practices. Be it digital, CRM, programmatic…

Media in-house

…make sure you have all the questions you need to ask Before taking your media in-house is the right answer. We have the questions if you’re ready for the answers….