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Newsletter 31 July 2019

…USA were unwilling to participate in the FBI investigation for the fear they could be seen as complicit in the situation? If the ACCC proceeds with their inquiry into digital

Newsletter- April 2013

…profession provides him with a unique appreciation of the value the TrinityP3 offering, but also the challenges”. To contact Jonathan, click here   How to change agencies all at…

Improving the Search and Selection Process

Share Tweet Share Shares To receive an email link to download this white paper please complete and submit the form below. Improving the search and selection process to get the

Is your programmatic media function right for you – and what are your options?

…requirements of programmatic trading they were able to best match the various providers in the market place to their needs. Ultimately, it resulted in the realisation that the trading desk…

TrinityP3’s Top 10 most popular strategic marketing management posts of 2011

…requirements. Many believed that their existing agencies were best placed to handle their digital needs, driven by the belief that this would “integrate” digital into their marketing strategy. The issue…

Why it is time to remove creative agencies from the production process

…was offered as part of the process of the agency selling media. What was the point of the client buying media and then developing the creative in-house (which was the