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October 2002

…concept was then approved to proceed to pre-production. Quoting The agency provided the showreels of three directors for approval. These were approved for quoting. An estimate for $750,000 was presented…

September 2003

…There are a number of ways to protect these assets, depending on the number of assets, how often they change and the number of stakeholders that need to access them….

Strategic Alignment

…the marketer. Therefore TrintyP3 provides a process for developing an Engagement Agreement through a series of workshops between marketers and agencies to discuss and agree the expectations and needs of

March 2003/2

form of content management system that allows you to reuse images or files as you wish? Do they have an education process to help you improve the preparation of files…

July 2004

…and products. Many of of these alternatives are cost prohibitive for all but the biggest advertisers. Print has become increasingly more popular For the majority of clients, print media offers…

Media Performance

…in billions of dollars annually and the erosion of the advertiser’s media buying value. We are focused on optimising our clients’ media value chain. That means ensuring their media investment…

What cost creativity?

…intellectual property in other formats. The formula is worked out that the realised revenue of the creative intellectual property created is split between all of the stakeholders including the creators…