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October 2006/2

…the big idea and the increasing need to develop big ideas to work effectively across all communication channels. Interestingly, most of the examples used for big ideas where television ads…

TrinityP3 Newsletter 25th July 2018

…terms impact client / agency relationships Why performance based payments need to be an incentive not a disincentive Why working / non-working ratios no longer work for advertising Do you…

October 2006

…structure for your business? size and volume The first issue is to consider the size and volume of your requirements. Having a number of agencies can be inefficient if you…

Newsletter 26 October 2016

…procurement, the attraction of marketing for procurement professionals, and the value procurement can bring to the marketing process? Watch the video here. Managing Marketing: the changing role and challenges of

Newsletter 5 June 2019

…write about procurement and marketing a lot. The reason for this is procurement forms a critical part of the work we do with our clients, and more often than not…

February 2006

…ebb and flow of budgets and workloads. chemistry One of the most important parts of the relationship between provider and advertiser department is ‘chemistry’ or ‘fit’. Most relationships that do…