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Newsletter 14 September 2016

…incumbent agency in a pitch? If you are going to pitch to review your current agency roster, does that mean you should automatically include the incumbent? But what if they…

Newsletter – September 2014

…This is where the client team tells us the incumbent agency has had a clearly defined role on the roster, and now either performance or relationship issues have precipitated a…

Is your programmatic media function right for you – and what are your options?

…relationship, which can result in supplier resource double up and roster relationship fracture lines. But there is one over-riding reason for not pitching – or perhaps, the reason why the…

Newsletter 24 June 2020

…home whenever possible and maintain social distance Delivering a roster alignment and modelling project for an insurance marketer Benchmarking global roster remuneration for a tourism organisation Managing multiple agency tender…

Newsletter 17 May 2017

…agency relationship Your agency and agency roster is an extension of your marketing team. Having this extended team working well together is essential for developing and maintaining a high performance

Newsletter 23 October 2019

Global Marketing Management Update 23 October 2019 Welcome to the October edition of TrinityP3’s e-news There is the odd occasion when marketers find themselves needing to change one or more…

Newsletter 5th September 2018

…agency market search. We also worked for another multinational automotive manufacturer to help them find media agency. A company that provides investment management services had us manage their roster workshop…

Buckets of agencies?

…up one of the best than buying agencies by the bucket. We call it roster alignment and it delivers value in a way roster rationalisation never will. Ask us how….