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The pain of extended payment terms

…agencies? Agencies have cash flow problems too. Yet many governments, including the EU, have laws governing these unfair payment terms to small to medium companies. Yet these so call good…

Agile Delivery

…ensuring all of the intellectual property, digital assets and know-how is transferred to the new agency either from the incumbent or from the marketing team and the other agencies in…

Collaboration Meetings (Conference Call)

…people think to collaborate means organising more meetings? There are already too many meetings. And there is more to collaboration than sitting in meetings. Find out how to collaborate here…

Agile marketing is not simply faster

…test and learn and the other is how to become more nimble and faster to market. Hear the difference here in a Golden Minute. SCRIPT Is your marketing agile? More…

Lydia Feely

…combined with her research into client/ agency relationships whilst completing her Master of Business – Marketing, places Lydia at the forefront of helping businesses achieve better business results through improved…

Brian Suckie

Business Consultant Brian is responsible for the business operation and customer service delivery within the Trinity P3 Group of the Scope Metric(TM) methodology. His extensive experience in the development and…