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Newsletter 14 August 2019

Global Marketing Management Update 14 August 2019 Welcome to the August edition of TrinityP3’s e-news There has been a recent industry call led by Matt Baxter, Global CEO of media…

How collaborative is your media agency?

…collaborative, media agencies is their ability to provide leadership to the roster of various marketing and media partners working with the client. DARREN: You mean, someone to tell everyone what…

Newsletter- September 2013

…Agency compensation is now more about performance than cost   Most In Demand this Month Last month at TrinityP3 we helped our clients achieve their goals in the following ways:…

Newsletter 03 May 2017

…the least of which being the ability to increase the value of the agency work but eliminating waste and duplication. The scope of work management is essential for any marketing…

Managing Marketing: The expanding role of the media agency in marketing

…to untangle your supplier roster, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and develop an optimal structure to improve your performance. Why do you need this service? Click here to learn more…

What comes first, channel or content?

…this impact on your go to market process? Because it definitely impacts all parts of your marketing from structure to roster to remuneration. And that we can help you with….

Find Your Perfect Agency Match

…project or a roster re-alignment, a thorough pitch process is essential to ensuring that the right choice is made. The value gained from the exercise is why we’ve been leading…