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Newsletter 11 May 2016

…See how procurement can help unlock marketing value Listen to the podcast on the state of marketing procurement with Tina Fegent Discover ten ways marketing and procurement can bridge the

Newsletter 19 April 2017

…in marketing and ensure the delivery of the marketing objectives? How do you ensure that marketing remains aligned to the business strategy and deliver the results required? This provides you…

Newsletter 5 April 2017

…report on the steps to transform your marketing from a traditional marketing model and process to embrace the opportunities provided through digital marketing in a data driven world. This is…

Mentoring FAQ

…involved in participating? There is no cost for mentors, other than your time, to participate in the mentor program. For mentees, there is a membership fee to belong to the

Newsletter 03 May 2017

to define an agency scope of work to deliver increased value Aligning marketing expectations to marketing budget when establishing the agency scope of work The important differences between scope of…

25 May 2016

to align your digital marketing to marketing Listen to how to merge direct marketing tactics with digital to make sense of big data Is digital, data and technology advice keeping…

April 2005

…on the link below or add them to the ?p3 news? mailing list, by emailing their details to putting procurement and purchasing into tv production When the agency present…

Newsletter 8 March 2017

the planet, some may question the value of embracing an environmentally sustainable marketing strategy. But in fact, the benefits go beyond simply the feel-good factors and are core to delivering…