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Scopes of Work The ScopeMetric® Unit (SMU) Measuring Media Agency Workloads The Media ScopeMetric® Unit (MSMU) Our Approach to Media Value and Performance. Identifying creative value for global advertisers Managing…

July 2007/2

…services. From open tenders to establishing scope of work requirements, pick up the latest Top 10 ways to avoid the pitfalls of pitching. Copies of this latest Top 10 were…

March 2003

workshop on TPA compliance for marketers and their agencies to facilitate commercials being created inside a context of legal compliance rather than being enforced on the concept. For more information,…

June 2003

…24 – TV Formats – May 2004 Edition 23 – TV Production Workshops – March 2004 Edition 22 – Scope of work – February 2004 Edition 21 – TV production…

May 2003/2

…achieving extreme product close ups and the increased amount of frame float which needs to be removed for visual effect work. Summary Film formats are simply that – formats for

What do you want your agency to do this year?

…a detailed scope of work for your agencies? 13.64%Yes, it is the same as last year 27.27%Yes, I think so, but let me check 22.73%Maybe, but waiting to finalise it…

Marketers & Advertisers

…and benchmarking your Scope of Work? Reviewing your agency remuneration for performance & value? Or providing you with complete roster performance management? Read more on these here. Improving media transparency,…

Procurement & Sourcing

…agency? Find a high performance agency or marketing supplier? Are you reviewing marketing supplier & agency contracts? Or developing & defining agency Scope of Work to deliver economies of scale?…

Unlocking performance post lockdown – Europe

…marketing waste. Hosted by Dennis Flad, Partner at Prospire and Darren Woolley, the Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants, who over the past two decades has advised…