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Newsletter 29 April 2020

…blog has more than 2,200 articles on marketing management. Everything on media, marketing, advertising, including agency fees, roster management, marketing structures, performance measurement, industry trends and more. Started in 2006,…

Digital & Technology

…data management platforms, customer relationship management platforms, demand side platforms, programmatic buying, content management systems, digital asset management and so much more. Plus there are new innovations and more technology…

TrinityP3 consultant marketing management predictions for 2019

…is also becoming more difficult as well. Technology continues to drive change, not just the way we do business, but also the very market itself. The TrinityP3 marketing management consultants…

Managing Marketing: The importance of measuring performance in digital marketing

…to hear that someone is actually putting their money where their mouth is on performance—congratulations. Luke: Thanks, Darren. See how TrinityP3 can help improve your digital media and marketing performance

Scope of Work Management

…all the Agency & Agency Roster Performance Solutions here Find all the TrinityP3 Solutions & Services here FURTHER READING Read more on Scope of Work Management here Hear more on…

Marketing Performance

performance) Customer-centric marketing and customer experience management requires the organisation to align to the customer strategy. The success of this approach is dependent on how well the various stakeholders within…

3 different types of pitch consultants and what you can expect from each

…discipline required by the client Management Approach Focuses on the process Focuses on advisory Focuses on the total process including roster alignment, search and selection, sustainable remuneration and performance optimisation…