David Angell

Business Director – Australia/NZ

Prior to rejoining TrinityP3, David Angell spent two years based in Singapore as the Regional Chief Operating Officer at Havas. This experience built a fifteen year career in media agencies, during which he was involved in various aspects of agency business, from trading media to communications strategy, data and analytics, diversified agency services, development of commercial contracts and senior leadership. He has advised clients and client teams across numerous disciplines including Marketing, C-Suite, Finance, Sales and Procurement. He has worked with the WPP, IPG, STW and Publicis agency networks and has led diverse teams across the UK and Australian markets. David has provided media smarts and counsel to a variety of highly respected international and Australian organisations, including (amongst others) British Airways, MYER, Target Retail, KMart, L’Oreal, Mondelez, BP and General Mills.

David’s expertise in client relationship building and consultation has earned him numerous awards and recognition from the clients and agencies he’s worked with. He is a passionate believer in the development of trust-built partnerships between marketers and their agencies and the benefits this approach brings to marketing results and to the integrity of both agency and client business.

Before arriving in Australia in 2007, a sabbatical year spent travelling and writing novels provided several unique and diverse experiences. As well as benefitting from expanded horizons and new people, David applied some of what he learnt over this time to the way in which he approaches his professional life.

David is a Senior Consultant at TrinityP3. In this role, David brings his broader commercial and relationship expertise to bear on a diverse range of projects, with one core objective – achieving beneficial results for our clients – in mind.

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