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Newsletter 11 May 2022

…Music, Movies and Media Agency Marketing Why Scope of Work (SoW) is not Scope of Services (SoS) and why that matters How agencies are increasingly profiting from missing people Things…

Newsletter 5 April 2017

…to define an agency scope of work to deliver increased value Can Procurement Fix Madison Avenue’s Mess? Managing Marketing: The business challenges facing marketers and their brands How to optimise…

Benchmarking the marketing FTEs within your organisation

…the methodology and data to be able to accurately calculate and benchmark the level and mix of resources required to deliver the scope of work. We can also provide the…

Newsletter 6th December 2017

…least, another famous university used our benchmarking analytics to negotiate value pricing against their scope of work.   If you would like assistance or advice on any aspect of your…

Top 20 strategic marketing management posts for the first half of 2013

…too high compared to what? The level and mix of resource provided? Or the the level of resources required to deliver the scope of work? This post provides the relationship…

Newsletter 17 May 2017

…Agency Remuneration: A Loser’s Game Drowning in Marketing Deliverables Managing Marketing: The challenges facing the advertising agency business model It’s more than the agency roster and the scope of work….