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Consumer goods client reviews media agency performance, value and transparency without a pitch – Case study

…had experienced significant internal change over recent months. There was also a necessary internal process via procurement and management required to demonstrate that the supplier needed reviewing. Consequently, there was…

Strategic Alignment

…value by removing duplication, underperformance and reduce the internal resources required to manage the large number of suppliers. Email for a proposal 2. Supplier search and selection Select the ideal…

TrinityP3 Newsletter 13 April 2016

…Watch sustainable marketing expert Christopher Sewell talk on benefits for marketers Find out how TrinityP3 can provide you an independent assessment of your marketing sustainability Watch this TrinityP3 Webinar on…

Newsletter 22nd November 2017

…blocks, internal and external, are essential in starting the process of improving performance. But the delivery and implementation of marketing programmes represent crunch time. This is where inefficiency impacts directly…

Agency Transition Management

(How to start a new agency relationship to deliver maximum performance) Adding a new agency or supplier to your roster? Or are you replacing an existing roster supplier with a…

TrinityP3 consultants marketing predictions for 2015

…people (the right people in the right jobs at the right levels given marketing spend), external agency/supplier relationships (the right mix of suppliers at the right price) and the processes…