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December 2006/2

…P3TV offer a wide variety of services to help advertisers control television production budgets. The most popular include: 1. 48 hour Assessment Reports – get a full blown written assessment

Marketing Strategy Performance Review

(How to get an independent assessment of your marketing strategy) How robust is your marketing strategy? Does it leverage the latest opportunities available? Your marketing strategy defines the marketing requirements…

January 2016

…agency suppliers continues to become increasingly complex and time consuming. TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants are thought-leaders in all aspects of marketing management to improve marketing and agency performance and increase…

Newsletter 19 February 2020

…for this Month What have TrinityP3’s consultants been doing this month? Undertaking a roster remuneration assessment for a national manufacturer Completing an media agency performance and contractual assessment for a…

Newsletter 14 August 2019

…a roster model for a finance services brand. Helped a global hotel chain with a production assessment Worked with a large government department to consolidate and improve agency relationships. Completed…

Newsletter 5 December 2018

…on the following projects last month: A large Australian health supplements company had us review their 24-hour assessment of TVCs. A company that provides investment management services asked us to…