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Newsletter 14 August 2019

…a media agency assessment for a regional bank.   © 2019 – TrinityP3 Global Marketing Management Consultants – Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom & USA If you would like assistance or…

Newsletter 19 February 2020

…for this Month What have TrinityP3’s consultants been doing this month? Undertaking a roster remuneration assessment for a national manufacturer Completing an media agency performance and contractual assessment for a…

Marketing Strategy Performance Review

(How to get an independent assessment of your marketing strategy) How robust is your marketing strategy? Does it leverage the latest opportunities available? Your marketing strategy defines the marketing requirements…

January 2016

…creative and media rate cards for a major travel provider Media Transparency, Performance & Value Assessment and Contractual Evaluation & Benchmarking for a financial institution Workflow Integration Process for a…

Madison Avenue Makeover: How Can Advertisers use Agencies to Restore Growth and Profitability for their Lackluster Brands?

…agency selections; ad hoc and growing scope of work deliverables; auctions of deliverables among selected agencies; creation of internal agency operations; use of management consulting firms; and ongoing programs of…

Newsletter- December 2012

…an Internal Marketing Process review for a Financial Services client. Managed a Strategic Supplier Alignment process for a Communications client. Managed a Creative Agency Review for a Not for Profit…