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February 2006/2

…provide you with an independent and qualified assessment of the cost of producing one or all creative concepts. Our qualified and quantified estimates are provided within 48 hours of receiving…

Newsletter 13 March 2019

…We helped a famous transportation network company search and select the right agency. One of Australia’s top universities had us do an organisational capability assessment & alignment. Another large alcohol…

About Us

…growth) Procurement & Sourcing (this includes finance and everyone responsible for improving productivity) Agencies & Marketing Suppliers (and this is a growing group of traditional agencies, consulting firms, media vendors,…

2014 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference – a comprehensive review

…7, 2014 Golden Rule: The man with the gold, makes the rules. Therefore marketers & procurement must change rules for transparency & value. #ANAAFM — TrinityP3 (@TrinityP3) May 7, 2014…

April 2006/2

…interested in how the market apportions production to media investment contact P3TV. We can provide you will an assessment of your budget allocation based on our benchmarks. For more information…

Newsletter 13th June 2018

…is considered the world’s fastest growing agency, Hearts & Science talks with Darren on the important relationship between science and intuition in advertising, especially for marketers dealing with an increasingly…