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July 2014

…just enter the code TRINITY999 into the coupon box on the ticket booking page.   How to be an Effective Content Marketer WARC, TrinityP3 & King Content are now bringing…

May 2007/2

…Expensive? Or is it your processes that are impacting on their ability to deliver? And what is the real cost? P3Biz can undertake a performance benchmarking assessment to determine the…

February 2006/2

…and we will provide you with an independent and qualified assessment of the cost of producing one or all creative concepts.   Our qualified and quantified estimates are provided within…

Newsletter 5 June 2019

…Could Madison Avenue’s mess be any worse? The unhappy picture can be reconstructed from articles in the trade press over the past two years. What agencies (as suppliers) have ignored…

July 2007/2

…or not? – media services at your fingertips – advertising, marketing & media summit – latest Top 10 is in the mail   media auditing of tv campaigns – relevant…

August 2006/2

suppliers and receives no remuneration from suppliers. They are a fee-for-service provider to the companies they service. Agencies, consultants and providers are guaranteed of at least being invited to the…