Compliant & Traceable Carbon Offsetting Programs

(How to offset your environmental impacts with certified and traceable carbon credits)

Is carbon neutrality an option for mitigating environmental risk in your business? Is this treated as a line item for your business and therefore an unallocated cost? Would receiving compliant carbon neutralised goods and services from your marketing suppliers and others help meet your sustainability policies? Do you know how this can be achieved at minimum cost in an independent and transparent manner?

TrinityP3 works closely with the world’s leading transactional marketing carbon offsetting system The CO2counter to help you deliver compliant offsets. This can also help move centralised offsetting costs to business units allowing the setting up of ‘Carbon Budgeting.’ Making budget owners responsible for the cost of neutralising their buying decisions focuses them on buying the most sustainable and low carbon solution for the business.

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Are you truly committed to change? TrinityP3 works with leading independent advisors to help you reduce your emissions on a project-by-project basis.

There is also an increasing requirement within Government and private sectors for their supply chain to comply with higher levels of environmental governance.

This is about a mind shift within your whole company. Setting up a carbon budget within the marketing department will help focus budget owners on the importance of buying goods and services with low carbon emissions as well as simply the dollar value.

This is a tangible way of implementing the business’s sustainability policy across the all-important, customer-facing discipline of marketing communications.


There are two ways we can help you set up offsetting programmes:

  1. To embed either manual or automated carbon offset measuring and purchasing systems into your existing marketing purchasing workflow.
  2. To work with your main external marketing providers, especially your media, logistics or printing partners, to measure and offset in a verified manner through the work they produce for you.

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TrinityP3 works exclusively with The Gaia Partnership to deliver verified carbon measurement using the unique CO2counter system. Carbon offsets can be automatically purchased on the CO2counter system using gold standard carbon offset certificates or we can supply reporting to allow you to purchase offsets of your choice to meet your own sustainable guidelines.


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