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The problem with strategy today

Everyone needs a great strategy, right? But which strategy is that? Is it your marketing strategy? Or channel strategy? Or comms strategy? Or media strategy? Or your social media strategy? The problem today is there are just too many strategies. Find out the best strategy for you right here in a Golden Minute.


Do you have a marketing strategy? What about a digital strategy? A social media strategy? A channel strategy? How about a comms strategy?
How many strategies do you have?
Today there is a strategy for everything and a strategist for everything and they are often not aligned
So, everyone ends up working against each other
Great strategy is a reductive process
It is as much about what you don’t do as what you do
After all, you can do anything
But great strategy focuses your limited resources to achieve your objectives.
So next time someone offers you another strategy, ask yourself does it further your strategy or just add to the confusion?